Cabaran semasa hendak memulakan perniagaan

Salam kpd pembaca blog ini,

Post saya pada kali ni, saya nak menggunakan Bahasa Melayu pula.
Sebelum saya nak memulakan cerita, saya nak ucapkan tahniah kepada mentor saya Dr. Irfan Khairi kerana telah berrjaya mengadakan webinar (online seminar) yg pertama beliau tadi pada pukul 9 – 10.15 mlm. Malangnya saya tak dapat nak menyertai sbb dr iPad tak support webcast rupanya ataupun ada application yg perlu di download tak tahulah pulak saya. Apa-apa pun tahniah kepada beliau, di harap akan ada lagi yg kali ke-2 & seterusnya.

Oklah, oleh kerana IK ada membincangkan tentang cara nak memulakan perniagaan internet tadi, saya teringat pulak waktu mula-mula saya nak memulakan perniagaan muffin ni dulu. Saya terpanggil nak menceritakan tentang cabaran-cabaran yg saya tempuhi dulu, bukan nak menakutkan sesiapa yg baru-baru nak menceburkan diri tetapi nak memberi semangat & peringatan sikit kepada org di luar sana.

Semasa tu, saya masih berkerja lagi sebagai ‘network engineer’. Saya adalah cuba-cuba promosi pada rakan-rakan sekerja…tapi biasalah ada yg betul-betul menyokong, tidak kurang ada juga yg condemn. Tetapi itu semua tidak menjatuhkan semangat saya…yelah memang pada mulanya down jugak tp oleh kerana masa tu dah start online kan bisnes tu, so ada ramai gaklah pelanggan- pelanggan yg dari luar yg membeli & memberi komen yg membina. Dari situlah saya mendapat satu kekuatan bahawa produk ni boleh pergi jauh jika saya betul-betul mengusahakannya bersungguh-sungguh.

Pada masa tu, memang saya dah bertekad nak berhenti je kerja. Nak start segalanya dari rumah. Berkat dorongan dari Mr Hubby, saya letak surat perletakan jawatan dan kemudian terus memulakan ofis dari rumah. Saya tidak merasa kesal langsung atas tindakan saya itu walaupun terdapat juga kata-kata yg tidak sedap didengar dari kalangan saudara-mara. Yelah, belajar tinggi-tinggi ada ijazah tapi lepas tu tak kerja jaga anak kat rumah? Pedulikan kata orang, yang penting kita tahu mana arah kita nak tuju. Bagi saya ijazah tu hanyalah segulung kertas yg boleh menaikkan martabat seseorang tapi kalau dia tak berusaha, sentiasa di takuk lama tak guna jugak. Apa-apa pun semuanya terpulang kepada individu. Tapi janganlah nak condemn org lain yg nak berubah beralih arah ke bidang lain, rezeki org kita tak tahu kan.

Yang penting sekali bagi sesiapa yg baru nak menceburkan diri dalam perniagaan… pekak kan telinga, buat je dulu apa yg kita rasa patut buat, nanti bila kita dah berjaya diam lah mulut org tu. Tapi jangan berdendam pulak, buat tak tahu je. Bagi saya, itu semua kuasa Allah, jatuh bangun kita semuanya rezeki dari Allah.

Kadang-kadang saya kesian tgk org yg baru nak meniaga, baru nak terfikir-fikir nak jual apa terus ada je kata-kata sinis dari org sekeliling. Terutama sekali usahawa wanita lah yg menjadi mangsa. Cakap macam tu cakap macam ni terus tak jadi nak meniaga. Terkubur macam tu sahaja. Kadang-kadang yg tak menyokong tu para suami yg budiman pulak tu. Apa salahnya isteri nak meniaga.. Wanita ni lemah sangat ke sampai tak boleh nak berdikari.

Nasihat saya, jika nak meniaga bergaul lah dalam golongan org yg berniaga supaya kita mendapat sokongan yg sepatutnya dari mereka. Bukan tak boleh berkawan dengan org biasa, tapi kalau nak cakap hal bisnes pilih-pilih lah org yg sesuai. Bak kata mentor saya Dato’ Dr. Azman Ching, “jalan pasti ada, mesti ada cara”. Jadi, fikir-fikirkan lah.

Dato' Dr Azman Ching


holiday in Singapore

We had a such wonderful holiday in Singapore last 28 Jan – 31 Jan 2011. Wow! We had so much great fun with the kids at Universal Studios. Although the weather doesn’t allow us to go around so much, we try to play as much as we can…not only the kids having fun…me too..hehe.

We stay at the Hard Rock Hotel for the first 2 nights, so going to Universal Studio just 15 min walk. We are so excited, walking thru the entrance of Universal Studio was like entering a different world. It was like a city of cartoon world. We met with Kungfu Panda, Woody Woodpecker, Adam in Adam’s Family… We play roller coaster, boat adventure ride, & others that I don’t know what’s the name..hah…

The other night, we stay at Marina Bay Sands Hotel which is I think better than Hard Rock in terms of the environment, the room much bigger with bath tub too… It’s a nice experience… A big hug & thanks to my Hubby who have planned all this for our great Singapore holiday. Since the whether was showering all day long on Sunday, we can’t go outdoor as what we planned to go to Jurong Bird Park & Night Safari. We had to changed our visits to indoor activity which is shopping time…. Heheh… Well at least I can buy something for the kids (they like toys so much) & for me perfume, some electrical appliances & also accessories for my IPad.

Well my Hubby is so generous to me that he bought me whatever I want. I guess this is the reward i’ve got after hard day work at home, sacrificing my time for the kids & family… emmm, I’m so lucky to have my hubby by my side…that’s all I want. Thanks Sayang…luv u soo much from the day we fall in love till today and forever…InsyaAllah….huhu. (feeling la plak..hehe)


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Muffins monster story – how I started (part 2)

…. Continue from part 1

After the event, I’ve received weekly order from my sister friends. She have helped me to promote among MMU students. That time I just have only 1 muffin flavor that is chocolate chip muffin.

MM first muffin flavour - chocolate chip muffin

Then, my sister, my only sister and sibling that I have, Elia gave me a brilliant idea. She asked me to open a blog for me to promote the muffins. That time fotopages is quite famous among us…so I started blogging.

How do I get the name? My son, Irsyad that time was about 1Y+ and he was very afraid of cookie monster (the sesame street character). Then, I was thinking why don’t I use the name Muffins Monster, it have a good rhyme, easy to pronounce, easy to remember. That’s why if you see my blog @ http://muffins-monster.fotopages.com, on the header I took cookie monster as the model.

That’s where it all started, from free blogging at fotopages to paid domain .com. From working full-time and then quit to continue the business all out and be a Work-at-home mom (WAHM). From 1 kids to 3 kids now…I’m still in the same business with big ambition in my head to grow.

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Muffins monster story – how I started (part 1)

I started baking muffin is for my Hubby, that time I’m still working as network engineer. I still remember on the day I bake the muffin is on weekday & when my Hubby came back from work, I present to him my muffin that I bake. He commented that it is nice & he doesn’t believe that I bake it myself. He said I must have bought it somewhere else. From that day onwards, I bake muffins for all my family near & far…hehe..

After I delivered my first son in 2006, I started to change my perspective on my career. I always wanted to be with my son, be home early after work but my job that time requires me to stay back & sometime I have to standby very early in the morning too. I’m started thinking & do research on the net on how to become a Work at Home Mom. I joined a MLM business for a start, a health product. Almost every weekend I have to spent my time for a whole day meeting. And later I found out, this business requires me to spent my time outside the house too. This is not what I want…

At one event, I have rent a booth to sell & promote the MLM business that I’ve joined. I’m not doing well, it’s very hard to convince people and some more it’s quite expensive. On the last day of the event, I’ve tried to bake & sell my muffins as suggested by my sister. Wow! It’s really easy to ask people ‘makan’ rather than ask people to have a healthy body.

…to be continued

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About muffins monster

Today I’m going to share with all about MM updates. As for now we are expanding in terms of homebakers who joined us since July 2010. To date, I have 10 homebakers that bakes from their own home and using MM branding to boost up their sales. But, so far there’s only a few of them whose still active running MM business from home.

Hopefully, once MM is officially announce by Real Rewards as their merchant..their marketing & promotion will help those homebakers that is not performing…insyaAllah. I always pray they would be successful and I hope can help them so much that I can.

As for me personally, I’m now full-time take care of my 3 kids with no helper around. Looking for helper now is quite difficult, so coping with small kids have left me with no “me” time. But, I’ll try to check my email almost every day now so that I won’t miss any important emails that needs my urgent reply.

With that in mind, I’m also in the midst to move to our new house at Jalan Kuching. Well, you know packing is the most tedious job with my current situation now that I should do it on my own. I’ll try to do it slowly but I think I’m too slow..hah..

Sooner, once I have settle down moving to new house and getting a helper, hopefully everything will go smooth and I could do all out again full swing on looking seriously into this business.

Ya Allah… May You help me to go through all the circumstances with open mind & heart. Amin….

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Muffins info

Extract from bbonline.com :
“Not to be confused with its very similar looking counterpart, muffins have the same single size portion as cupcakes but are usually less sweet and don’t have frosting. Less known as a dessert, they are great as a quick breakfast, a snack with tea or coffee, or an appetizer alternative to bread. Consider it a more filling sophistication. Best part about it- if you’re trying to lose weight you have a wider range of health alternatives from your reliable standard fruit and nut muffins to the sweeter eggnog or chocolate chip muffins to the healthy batch of bran muffins.”

So,choose which one you prefer… We offer both muffins & cupcakes…daaa…

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Healthy muffins

Image extract from rapidlylosebellyfat.com

“If you’re looking for a quick snack on the run that will still help you with your goal to lose belly fat, you may want to consider a healthy muffin.  Muffins are quick to prepare and can easily be taken in a container with you wherever you might be going for maximum convenience.
The trick to making sure that you’re creating healthy muffin is to look for foods that you can use to replace some of the higher fat, higher calorie ingredients so you get a healthy muffin that still fits in with your fat loss meal plan.”
– text from rapidlylosebellyfat.com

I have also in mind to create a healthy muffins flavor in Muffins Monster store soon. Can you help me giving me some idea on what to have that you would prefer? Please let me know k. Thanks ppl…

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