3-tiers cupcakes for Yan’s wedding

The 3-tiers cupcakes lari sikit from the theme color, supposed grey & silver, but afraid the color will not blooms… Yan’s request the cupcakes color in pink, white & silver. This is first time I did tiers cupcakes cause nobody order from me  and alhamdulilah it’s turns out nice and sweet with a touch of fresh white daisy and pink carnations. I like the way it looks and very eager to do more creations for wedding events in the future. Hope I could become better and better in cupcake design for special events like this.

Below picture shows before it is arrange on the tiers. The white & pink roses fondant has been touched-up with edible silver dust.

Yan Cuppies

Below picture shows after it has been arranged on the brides table. The top tier has bridal figurine and lots of fresh flowers. Roses petals makes the whole cupcakes looks fresh and oppps…it says take me some, take me more… That’s why we couldn’t stop people took one by one before the ceremony starts. It finish very fast though.

3-tiers cupcakes

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1 Response to “3-tiers cupcakes for Yan’s wedding”

  1. June 17, 2009 at 2:30 am

    Welcome to the blogging world, Ida! Cantik wedding cupcakes ni..siap shimmer-shimmer lagi bunga ros 🙂

    Well done and keep up the good job!

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