Celcom broadband

This weekends not much activities have been thru. Yesterday, my hubby went to JB for work related issue. So, I invited my sister and parents to come over, juz go jalan2 around here. We just went to One Utama for window shopping, but I bought something for myself… 2 tees at RM39 at VIVA… hmmm &  my little boy, Irsyad, always ask for his Ultraman when he saw the toy booth… I don’t like buying Ultraman for him but sometimes cannot tahan with his action at the booth.

There Celcom had their promotion booth & I saje2 asking about the Celcom broadband package… not for me lah actually…I juz want to persuade my sis, Elia to buy it cause very hard to connect to Streamyx at my parents place in Cheras. Persuade punye persuade tak jadi gak but later that nite she told me she wants to buy. So, I’ve bought it for her just now because the promotion RM199 for the modem is only last for today…dunno whether it’s true or not la… But, whatever it is, OKlah…at least she can start doing something on the internet to get side income.

Besides that, do anybody have problem connecting to Muffins Monster official website? I’ve received a call from Kak Zuraidah (if not mistaken) since last Friday…she wants to order muffins…but couldn’t get attach to my website. Why yah? From my laptop can mah…is there any problem? Huh…I think it’s time to change my webhosting company, such a terrible if people always gets error message connecting to MuffinsMonster.com. This will affect my business credibility. Hope this will get solve soon.

Last but not least, Do check out for Muffins Monster newsletter that will launch soon.

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