Talk – Kenali potensi diri

Last Saturday, 4 July 2009, I went to Kenali Potensi Diri talk at Vistana Hotel (2-6pm) for the preparation before 3days 2 nights Peoplepreneur boot camp. There are 18 members that attended this talk that day and I had to know most of them and create network by exchanging ideas about business. The community is really supportive with 3 panel presenter on 3 different areas… Mr. Jefri (Peoplelogy-Head Business development), Mr Allen Lee (founder Peoplelogy) & Dr. Irfan Khairi (Peoplepreneur mentor).

I’m really excited about  this Peoplepreneur program as it will guide us as an entrepreneur step-by-step towards our excel. The community was really excellent and they have a vision to grow this community among all asian country. I’m really glad I’m one of the community member & syukur to Allah that He have show me the path to my success, InsyaAllah. Although I’ve started this business almost 2 years but I don’t have the confident to grow as what I’ve planned. Actually, my plan is only on my head…it’s not written on paper. To start-up a business, a business plan is very important and the guide from experienced people is also very very needed.

For those out there, who really keen on doing business.. come join me & this community. I’m sure you will not regret it. Whether you already have your own business or you doesn’t know what business to venture, this is the place you will know what you don’t know about yourself. From the talk, now I know that actually every people can reach success, although you’re not creative, you’re not talkative, you don’t know how to sell. There’s 8 type of wealth profile which relates to ourself (behaviour, likes, dislikes, competency,etc).

Below is the ilustration of wealth profiling :


I can’t wait to know which catagory I will fall into (I think I’m a creator… hehehe), I will know at the Boot camp seminar on this Friday – Sunday, 10-12th July 2009. I’ll jot down about what happen there next week…tungguuu… Very excited!!

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  1. 1 elia
    July 8, 2009 at 10:30 am

    kaklong…banner tu xleh click pun??xletak url ke??

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