PBS Preview at Cititel Hotel

Last night, 15 July 2009, I went to the free  entreprenuership preview about PBS at Cititel Hotel, next to Mid Valley.  This is the first time I attend a free preview at the hotel (before this I went to their office to had the preview) and to support others who has been invited to this talk. There’s a few PBS members also came to give their support.

IK in action

IK in action

Dr Azman Ching in action

Dr Azman Ching in action

I’ve brought my sister along and my sister in-law as well….and also invited my facebook friend who I haven’t met before…Al-Amirah with her husband and little baby came along. I’m glad to see them all and suprisingly I’ve met Hanim as well (who sells tudung online). I was so greatful to see the tremendous response from the audience. I also had the chance to open-up my network and promote my Muffins Monster.  *** Not so much actually but maybe next time I will bring some muffins sample for the guest.

IK & my sis, Elia

IK & my sis, Elia

I was really shocked when Dr Irfan called me to tell me that he wants to interview me for Radio 24 and he also wanted to interview me online and put it on his blog. Wow!!!…It was a great opportunity for me to promote my business. I am so so so speechless k. I’ve never dream to be able to become one of IK close fan…but IK was really down to earth guy who have given opportunities to those who really really serious in online business. Thanks to Allah I had the chance to know this guy.

Last but not least, one of the PBS member, Hasryn have brought his Compass Kiblat at the event to promote it to the audience. I’m really proud of this young chap, he’s just 24 but he have very strong will to upgrade his life from zero to hero and very hard word too.  He got tremendous result from his great ability.

Compass kiblat sell by Hasryn

Compass kiblat sell by Hasryn

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2 Responses to “PBS Preview at Cititel Hotel”

  1. July 20, 2009 at 7:50 pm

    Alamak, time ni reza tak sihat, kehilangan suara untuk meluahkan kata-kata, tu yang tak datang. hehe

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