Muffins Monster reseller

Last Thursday, 16 July, after the Radio interview..I received a call from Yati who sells kerepek from home. She wants to become my reseller by selling my muffins to her customer. It’s quite a long discussion as I also wanted to know how frequent she would order from me and the quantity. She also have received comments from her work colleague who have ordered muffins from me before. Whoever he/she is, thanks for promoting my muffin.

For the first order, she ordered 3 flava…double choc chip, kiwi & blueberry. She received her order on last Monday morning, 20 July….and on the same day she had sold all the muffins. By the way, she just ordered for 24pcs altogether I suggest her to order more after this since the response is quite good.

I think this is another option for me to look out for more Reseller out there to cover a few locations. This can reduce the transportation cost if you would have to come here to pick-up yourself…and you can buy for few muffins with combination flava which I could not offer…my minimum order for each flava is 12 muffins. So, if you want to become one of my reseller, let me know k.

Currently, I have  Millie covering Kajang area (contact her @ 019-2800416) and Yati covering Subang & PJ area (contact her @ 013-2097338).

Irsyad hand showing the Muffins Monster logo on a pink box

Irsyad hand showing the Muffins Monster logo on a pink box

Blueberry muffin in a box

Blueberry muffin in a box

Please click image below to go to Muffins Monster online shop



1 Response to “Muffins Monster reseller”

  1. July 25, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    Very good business plan. =)

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