Reunion with my ex-coursemate

It’s sooo long I haven’t write and update this blog since I came back from Bandung. It’s soo hard for me to find time and spend in front of the laptop. Anyway, my life still goes on as usual with orders, kids, family and recently meeting my Uni friend.

Last Thursday I went to Putrajaya to met Sri & Faz. We are in the same course in UPM, Comp & Comm System Eng. The last time I met Sri was during my wedding, which I think about 4Y back and Faz… I met her during my recent confinement early this year. It’s very exciting to get in touch with them after so long haven’t had the chance to chat and change our HOT stories. We chit chat over the lunch at Kenny Rogers Alamanda and it last until about 4pm.

I’ve also brought them a few flava of muffins as a “buah tangan” or in other words “free tasting promotion”…hehehe… This is their compliment about my yummie muffins (extract from sms) :

Faz : “Sedap gile. Aku bagi 4 orang rasa, semua kata sedap. Kawan aku kata lembut. Aku bukak kotak bau dah.”

Sri : “Tekstur lembut & fluffy, tak macam muffin lain yang padat. The taste just right & nice, tak manis sangat macam yang lain. with natural flavours, tak rasa artificial langsung. In clonclusion, SEDAP GILER KAU PUNYE MUFFIN”

Thank you…thank you…thank you…Million thanks to you guys! Really appreciate it.

It was such a terrific meet-up and looking forward to meet again with other friends. Dear coursemate out there, come meet-up during RAYA. Oh me oh my… bestnye if I could gather them all.

Remark : Starting from Ramadhan until about 2 months, I will temporary halt for all muffins & cupcakes orders because I need to concentrate on my business expansion planning. Anyway, for those who have make a booking personally with me…I will still do your orders, don’t worry. But, my branch who runs by my auntie in Batu Gajah, Perak (Pn. Aziah) will still continue the business as usual. Please contact her @ 016-5493206 to make your order. Thanks for your understanding.

Please click image below to go to Muffins Monster online shop



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