About muffins monster

Today I’m going to share with all about MM updates. As for now we are expanding in terms of homebakers who joined us since July 2010. To date, I have 10 homebakers that bakes from their own home and using MM branding to boost up their sales. But, so far there’s only a few of them whose still active running MM business from home.

Hopefully, once MM is officially announce by Real Rewards as their merchant..their marketing & promotion will help those homebakers that is not performing…insyaAllah. I always pray they would be successful and I hope can help them so much that I can.

As for me personally, I’m now full-time take care of my 3 kids with no helper around. Looking for helper now is quite difficult, so coping with small kids have left me with no “me” time. But, I’ll try to check my email almost every day now so that I won’t miss any important emails that needs my urgent reply.

With that in mind, I’m also in the midst to move to our new house at Jalan Kuching. Well, you know packing is the most tedious job with my current situation now that I should do it on my own. I’ll try to do it slowly but I think I’m too slow..hah..

Sooner, once I have settle down moving to new house and getting a helper, hopefully everything will go smooth and I could do all out again full swing on looking seriously into this business.

Ya Allah… May You help me to go through all the circumstances with open mind & heart. Amin….

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