Muffins monster story – how I started (part 1)

I started baking muffin is for my Hubby, that time I’m still working as network engineer. I still remember on the day I bake the muffin is on weekday & when my Hubby came back from work, I present to him my muffin that I bake. He commented that it is nice & he doesn’t believe that I bake it myself. He said I must have bought it somewhere else. From that day onwards, I bake muffins for all my family near & far…hehe..

After I delivered my first son in 2006, I started to change my perspective on my career. I always wanted to be with my son, be home early after work but my job that time requires me to stay back & sometime I have to standby very early in the morning too. I’m started thinking & do research on the net on how to become a Work at Home Mom. I joined a MLM business for a start, a health product. Almost every weekend I have to spent my time for a whole day meeting. And later I found out, this business requires me to spent my time outside the house too. This is not what I want…

At one event, I have rent a booth to sell & promote the MLM business that I’ve joined. I’m not doing well, it’s very hard to convince people and some more it’s quite expensive. On the last day of the event, I’ve tried to bake & sell my muffins as suggested by my sister. Wow! It’s really easy to ask people ‘makan’ rather than ask people to have a healthy body.

…to be continued

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