Muffins monster story – how I started (part 2)

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After the event, I’ve received weekly order from my sister friends. She have helped me to promote among MMU students. That time I just have only 1 muffin flavor that is chocolate chip muffin.

MM first muffin flavour - chocolate chip muffin

Then, my sister, my only sister and sibling that I have, Elia gave me a brilliant idea. She asked me to open a blog for me to promote the muffins. That time fotopages is quite famous among us…so I started blogging.

How do I get the name? My son, Irsyad that time was about 1Y+ and he was very afraid of cookie monster (the sesame street character). Then, I was thinking why don’t I use the name Muffins Monster, it have a good rhyme, easy to pronounce, easy to remember. That’s why if you see my blog @ http://muffins-monster.fotopages.com, on the header I took cookie monster as the model.

That’s where it all started, from free blogging at fotopages to paid domain .com. From working full-time and then quit to continue the business all out and be a Work-at-home mom (WAHM). From 1 kids to 3 kids now…I’m still in the same business with big ambition in my head to grow.

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