holiday in Singapore

We had a such wonderful holiday in Singapore last 28 Jan – 31 Jan 2011. Wow! We had so much great fun with the kids at Universal Studios. Although the weather doesn’t allow us to go around so much, we try to play as much as we can…not only the kids having fun…me too..hehe.

We stay at the Hard Rock Hotel for the first 2 nights, so going to Universal Studio just 15 min walk. We are so excited, walking thru the entrance of Universal Studio was like entering a different world. It was like a city of cartoon world. We met with Kungfu Panda, Woody Woodpecker, Adam in Adam’s Family… We play roller coaster, boat adventure ride, & others that I don’t know what’s the name..hah…

The other night, we stay at Marina Bay Sands Hotel which is I think better than Hard Rock in terms of the environment, the room much bigger with bath tub too… It’s a nice experience… A big hug & thanks to my Hubby who have planned all this for our great Singapore holiday. Since the whether was showering all day long on Sunday, we can’t go outdoor as what we planned to go to Jurong Bird Park & Night Safari. We had to changed our visits to indoor activity which is shopping time…. Heheh… Well at least I can buy something for the kids (they like toys so much) & for me perfume, some electrical appliances & also accessories for my IPad.

Well my Hubby is so generous to me that he bought me whatever I want. I guess this is the reward i’ve got after hard day work at home, sacrificing my time for the kids & family… emmm, I’m so lucky to have my hubby by my side…that’s all I want. Thanks Sayang…luv u soo much from the day we fall in love till today and forever…InsyaAllah….huhu. (feeling la plak..hehe)


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