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Muffins Monster will be announce as Real Rewards merchant

Dear customer,
Muffins Monster will be announce as Real Rewards merchant soon. So, if you purchased our product you will be given RR points as below :
RM 1 = 3 RR points
Don’t have RR card? Don’t worry as we will provide a RR card to you if you’re one of our loyal customer.

Wait for the announcement soon at



Pertunangan Firdaus & Sallyna

On 1st Nov I went to Klang for my cousin, Firdaus engagement day. I’ve made for him two hantaran that are cuppies & muffin in a basket. Here, I want to introduce my new gift box for cuppies that is very suitable for hantaran or any special gift.

cupcake in gift box

Selamat Bertunang Firdaus & Sallyna

The gift box is matching with the theme color of the engagement that is brown & gold. Since the box have more brown color, I just use yellow & red for the cuppies so that it looks attractive. The box have 12 holes to hold the cuppies… it looks very neat and stay nicely in the window box.

brown gift box

Cuppies in a golden brown gift box

The second hantaran, I make heart shape muffins and put it in a basket. Actually I’m not really creative in decorating gift basket, that’s why it’s just come out very plain. But, don’t worry I shall not do it for my customer… all enquiries about muffins gift basket I will forward to AZ Gift Basket. Millie is the expert in gift basket & such.

muffin gift basket

Muffins in a gift basket

I hope they like it what I made for them…not on the deco but on the taste in a whole.

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First birthday bash

It’s been 2 months since I temporary close for orders, I’ve never make any cuppies. It’s quite challenging for me to get back on track and produce new and fresh ideas in cuppies decoration.

For the last 2 weeks I’ve received 2 orders for kids first birthday bash. Well, the customer is someone that I recently close to. I know Emirilda from PBS (Peoplepreneur Business School) and quite close to her since I need her advice and help on my business proposal preparation.

The first order is for her nephew, Daniyal Rizq Aryan…wow! what a wonderful name. Can you imagine how teachers in the future have to pronounce name for all the pupils in class? hahaha…lucky I’m not a teacher. Even my own kids also I put their name as unique as possible and it make others hard to pronounce it and even wrongly pronounce. I’m OK with that cause it’s my fault too…hehehe…

OK, back to the cuppies that I made…the customer request a LION theme with orange and red as the theme color. I used an orange color soufle cup which match with the requested theme. Let’s look at my design below :


LION theme for Daniyal Rizq Aryan

The second order is for her own son, Wan Rayyan Haziq, also a marvellous name. She requested a football theme with MU flag because she planned to have football team birthday bash (over you!). That’s makes me think what should I planned for Irisya first birthday bash this coming Dec….emmm….

Well, let’s look at my second design below :


Football theme for Wan Rayyan Haziq

I really hope they like it for my both design & of course the taste…that is more important than everything else, right!

I’m really sorry to Ema cause I didn’t get the chance to join the party cause I’m so sick that day (had to lay down all day) and Irisya also not feeling well. I’ll bet the party should be as fun as planned with all the guest wearing their favourite football team.

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Economy cupcakes for school day

This is my first order of cupcakes after Raya. Although I haven’t open orders yet for public on my website, I still make small small orders for my repeat customer.

My customer, Puspa have ordered 70pcs of economy cupcakes for her daughter school day which is still in primary school. Why it is called economy cupcakes? It’s called that way because it’s using the normal paper cup like my standard muffin cup and the icing is very minimal with no frosting covering the muffin, only buttercream icing design on top of each plain muffin. In this case, my customer ordered this type of cupcakes because she wants a budget muffin with striking colors of buttercream to attracts students of primary school to buy at their school day. Which I believe the daughter will have to bring to school and the teachers will sell it under a certain organization.

Economy cuppies - Circle of flowers with dots at the center

Economy cuppies - Circle of flowers with dots at the center


Economy cuppies - Monster face

Economy cuppies - Monster face

That’s remind me during my school days, whenever it’s time to have canteen day…it was really exciting cause we got to taste a lot variety of finger foods other than the normal days. And during that day, we don’t need to have class after rest. It’s so fun! Ohhh…I miss my school and the good old days.

P/S : For those who wants to order economy cupcakes for any events with tight budget or for wedding favour gift, please email me at for further info. Thanks…

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Muffins Monster feature on

Today, Muffins Monster has been featured in under Home & Health category. Writer Adline A. Ghani has interviewed me thru email and this was the outcome. I really appreciate her effort & opportunity that has been given for me to outcast myself & my business on her column.

Below is the extract from :



Meet a mum who’s passionate about muffins!

Ever wondered what it’d be like to quit your job and start a home-based business so that you could focus more on the family? Well, Ida Maslina has done just that! The enterprising mother of two describes herself as a “home-based entrepreneur mum who bakes and sells muffins and cupcakes online”. At first, she baked muffins for family members, but then she started promoting her goods through blogging, which was a suggestion made by her sister.

The 29-year old started her muffin business two years ago, after quitting her job as a network engineer, which required her to spend most of her time in the field. Although she loved the job, the arrival of her first son changed her perspective in life. She figured, with a home-based online business, she can spend more time with her family at home, and earn a living too! and blog: She’s also on Facebook and Yahoo Messenger: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Do check out her scrumptious creations today!.


She admits that in the beginning, she was not very confident in marketing over the Internet, so the encouraging response she has received was not expected at all! Currently, her Muffins Monster website already has a few ardent followers, who have become her regular customers. From just one flavour – choc chip muffin, she now has about 24 different flavours, which she develops from time to time in response to customer requests, and for her own research and development.

Due to the current trend, she also makes cupcakes, but her cupcakes are special, because their base is made of muffin, not cake. This means her customers always get that wonderfully fluffy and moist muffin texture that we all know and love. Ida’s muffins come in 3 main types: all-time favourite muffin, exclusive jumbo muffin and gourmet muffin. Her muffins and cupcakes are suitable for all occasions, from weddings to parties, and Hari Raya to corporate or personal gifts.

You can get in touch with Ida Maslina, who is based in Damansara Perdana, at her website

* Adline A. Ghani is an assistant museum curator tandem mummy who resides in Petaling Jaya. This multi-tasker is also pursuing her Masters in Art and Design. “

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Reunion with my ex-coursemate

It’s sooo long I haven’t write and update this blog since I came back from Bandung. It’s soo hard for me to find time and spend in front of the laptop. Anyway, my life still goes on as usual with orders, kids, family and recently meeting my Uni friend.

Last Thursday I went to Putrajaya to met Sri & Faz. We are in the same course in UPM, Comp & Comm System Eng. The last time I met Sri was during my wedding, which I think about 4Y back and Faz… I met her during my recent confinement early this year. It’s very exciting to get in touch with them after so long haven’t had the chance to chat and change our HOT stories. We chit chat over the lunch at Kenny Rogers Alamanda and it last until about 4pm.

I’ve also brought them a few flava of muffins as a “buah tangan” or in other words “free tasting promotion”…hehehe… This is their compliment about my yummie muffins (extract from sms) :

Faz : “Sedap gile. Aku bagi 4 orang rasa, semua kata sedap. Kawan aku kata lembut. Aku bukak kotak bau dah.”

Sri : “Tekstur lembut & fluffy, tak macam muffin lain yang padat. The taste just right & nice, tak manis sangat macam yang lain. with natural flavours, tak rasa artificial langsung. In clonclusion, SEDAP GILER KAU PUNYE MUFFIN”

Thank you…thank you…thank you…Million thanks to you guys! Really appreciate it.

It was such a terrific meet-up and looking forward to meet again with other friends. Dear coursemate out there, come meet-up during RAYA. Oh me oh my… bestnye if I could gather them all.

Remark : Starting from Ramadhan until about 2 months, I will temporary halt for all muffins & cupcakes orders because I need to concentrate on my business expansion planning. Anyway, for those who have make a booking personally with me…I will still do your orders, don’t worry. But, my branch who runs by my auntie in Batu Gajah, Perak (Pn. Aziah) will still continue the business as usual. Please contact her @ 016-5493206 to make your order. Thanks for your understanding.

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Muffin vs Cupcake

I browse thru and type “muffins” and to my surprise I found out that my web have become No.1  on first page in the list as of today. Wow! Thanks to my mentor, IK who have guide me thru on how to become the priority first on first page google. At least I have implement what he taught me…although not all.

When I browse thru to the end of the page, this title attracts me…Muffins vs Cupcake. I’ve opened it and read it and it’s really relates to my product although the writer, Adline, is actually describing about two basic types of woman… So, this post I extract from :

” Sitting at home, thinking random thoughts on baked goods, I had an “epiphany”. Women, I surmised, are either like muffins or cupcakes. Let’s examine the former first, shall we? Muffins, generally, are not as sweet as cupcakes, but are usually packed with flavour. They have more texture, and are more substantial, because they’re almost bread-like.


With muffins, what you see is what you get, because muffins don’t hide underneath gallons of frosting. They may, however, contain surprising bits of berries, nuts or chocolate chip, treasures to be found by the true connoisseur.

Cupcakes, on the other hand, are usually gloriously pretty to look at, although some can border on tacky. In truth, and in their essence, cupcakes are pretty bland. The mediocre cake-like base hides behind the thin paper cup and requires heaps of frosting and sprinkles to obscure its featureless self and fool onlookers into thinking that they’re more interesting than they really are.

If someone tends to go for looks, and not substance, they’ll fall for cupcakes from the get go. If someone has enough good taste to fall for a muffin, they’re in for a treat, because more often than not, the muffin’s paper cup runneth over – giving you more “bang” for your buck.

My muffin versus cupcake analogy, is of course, just for chuckles; although after writing this, I turn to my husband, force him to read it, and demand an answer to, “Am I a muffin or a cupcake??” He says, “Muffin”. Good on him (as if he could have gotten away with saying cupcake!).

I am yet to explore and analyse the possible existence of muffin-cupcake hybrids, although it is entirely possible. They, perhaps, could be the product of natural selection or mutation, whichever way you prefer to look at it. To all the guys out there, I hope you can tell a muffin from a cupcake, and when you’ve got one, do relish all her endearing qualities.

* Adline A. Ghani is an assistant museum curator tandem mummy who resides in Petaling Jaya. This multi-tasker is also pursuing her Masters in Art and Design.”

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